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Since 2011, Fadandel has specialized in buying whisky casks, getting the casks bottled when they are ready, and importing the bottles as unique bottles.

Here at the web shop and in our shop, which you will find approx. 10 min. from Skanderborg, you will find world class unique bottlings of as well Single Malt Whisky, RUM and not least Gin.

In addition to bottles of Whisky, RUM and Gin, you also have the opportunity to buy a share in one of our many whisky casks.

All our bottlings are Single Cask, Cask Strength (not watered down) and Non-chill Filtered.


When you buy bottles at Fadandel.dk, they are of course not coloured with caramel, cold-filtered but on the other hand subject to a rough mechanical filtration for distant wooden splinters etc. from the whisky. Thus, there may be small particles in the whiskey, which is quite natural and quite harmless.

All bottles from Fadandel.dk are bottled at cask strength. Cask Strength is not legally defined, but is understood as we have not added water when we got the casks bottled. So the bottles, contains exactly what is in the cask, at the same alcoholic strength as it has in the cask before bottling (however, a small amount of extra evaporates at bottling). You will get “the real undiluted product” and can then decide for yourself whether you want to add water or enjoy the whisky as it is.

When you buy a bottle at Cask Strength, it means that there is almost 1½ bottle of good whisky in one bottle – and here in the store you get the bottles for reasonable money.

Fadandel.dk also imports RUM, which, like the Whisky, is bottled by the natural strength and not filtered or added color. As something new, you can also buy Danish quality Gin at the shop.

Furthermore, Fadandel helps cask owners to have their cask bottled in Scotland and subsequently retrieve the bottled bottles.

In this connection, Fadandel has over time built good contacts with distilleries, where some of the places have the opportunity to participate in the bottling itself, which is a very special experience.
Read more about help for bottling and importing your cask here.

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