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At Fadandel.dk, you can e.g. buy Grain Whisky – we do have a larger selection in Single Malt Whisky.

Single Grain Whisky

At Fadandel.dk, you can e.g. buy Grain Whisky - we do have a larger selection in Single Malt Whisky.
Possibility of sample purchaseCaledonian 34Y 52.7% Duncan Taylor - Fadandel.dk

Caledonian 34Y – 52.7%

Duncan Taylor, in their Rare Auld Dimensions Grain series, has bottled this Caledonian after 34 years in cask, at a(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseCambus 1990 Refill Hogshead - Cask Share #097 - Fadandel.dk

Cambus (Refill HHd) 1990 – Cask Share #097

By purchasing a cask share in this Cambus Refill Hogshead (share #097) from 1990, when the cask is bottled in(…)

Cameronbridge 15Y 48,3% Box - Fadandel.dk

Cameronbridge 15Y – 48.3%

Claxton’s have bottled a Single Grain Whiskey from the Cameronbridge distillery, which has been given a finish on an Oloroso(…)

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Possibility of sample purchaseCameronbridge 15Y 50% - Fadandel.dk

Cameronbridge 15Y – 50%

In Exploration Series release no. 5 from Claxton’s, a 15-year-old Cameronbridge (from the Scottish Lowlands region) has been bottled. Claxton’s(…)

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Possibility of sample purchaseCameronbridge 16 år (Oloroso Sherry Octave) 57.1% - Claxton's WH No 8 (bottle) at Fadandel.dk

Cameronbridge 16Y – 57.1%

After 16 years in casks in Scotland, Claxton’s in their Warehouse #8 series (WH 8), has bottled this delicious bottling(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseCameronbridge 42Y 45.3% Duncan Taylor - Fadandel.dk

Cameronbridge 42Y – 45.3%

In the Duncan Taylor series called Rare Rare Auld Dimensions Grain serie, we find this 42-year-old bottling from the Cameronbridge(…)

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Dalriada NAS Blend – 40 %

Super delicious and soft NAS bottling made of approx. 37% singlemalt and 63% Grain. Well over half of the malt(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseDumbarton Distillery 21Y 58.6% October 2022 Fadandel.dk

Dumbarton 21Y – 58.6%

From the closed distillery called Dumbarton, Claxton has bottled a 21-year-old Single Grain Whisky. The whisky is bottled at full(…)

Dumbarton 33Y 53.8% - Fadandel.dk

Dumbarton 33Y – 53.8%

A rare bottling of single grain Scotch whisky from the closed Dumbarton Distillery, which was distilled back in 1986. 33(…)

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Possibility of sample purchaseGirvan 13 år fadstyrke aftappet ved 61,2% - Fadandel.dk

Girvan 13Y – 61.2%

Delicious Girvan single grain whisky with lots of fruit in both the scent and the taste. The cask is bottled(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseGrain Barn Batch 001 Box 48% - Fadandel.dk

Grain Barn 30Y (batch 1) – 48%

Grain Barn is a new “brand” from Claxton’s – Single Grain bottlings in small batches. The whisky is bottled in a(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseGrain Barn Batch 002 48% - Fadandel.dk

Grain Barn 30Y (batch 2) – 48%

Claxton’s has come out with their batch 2 of this super delicious and affordable Single Grain, which they call Grain(…)