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Possibility of sample purchaseSecrect Speyside Distillery 30Y PX Quarter Cask 49,2% Openbox -

Secret Speyside 30Y – 49.2%

Now that our “Secret Speyside” (M*****an) has turned 30 years old, we have had it bottled, at full cask strength(…)

Aberlour 1988 31Y 48.3% Duncan Taylor -

Aberlour 31Y – 48.3%

Aged in cask for 31 years, this Aberlour has had a brief finish of 3 months before being bottled by(…)

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BlackBull 40Y 47.6% Open Box -

Black Bull 40Y – 47.6%

Black Bull 40, the flagship of the Black Bull family, is a superior blend of the finest single malt and(…)

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Possibility of sample purchaseCameronbridge 42Y 45.3% Duncan Taylor -

Cameronbridge 42Y – 45.3%

In the Duncan Taylor series called Rare Rare Auld Dimensions Grain serie, we find this 42-year-old bottling from the Cameronbridge(…)


Fary Lochan 2010 Batch 1 – 48%

Popular Danish produced Single Malt Fary Lochan whisky. This Fary Lochan whisky is bottled in 2013 at 48%. When you(…)

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Possibility of sample purchaseCaledonian 34Y 52.7% Duncan Taylor -

Caledonian 34Y – 52.7%

Duncan Taylor, in their Rare Auld Dimensions Grain series, has bottled this Caledonian after 34 years in cask, at a(…)

Dumbarton 33Y 53.8% -

Dumbarton 33Y – 53.8%

A rare bottling of single grain Scotch whisky from the closed Dumbarton Distillery, which was distilled back in 1986. 33(…)

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Possibility of sample purchaseBen Nevis 26Y (Bourbon Hogshead) 47.1% Claxton's WH No 1 Bottle -

Ben Nevis 26Y – 47.1%

This 26-year-old Ben Nevis is bottled at 47.1% by Claxton’s and has aged at a Bourbon Hogshead. The barrel that(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseLaphroaig 2005 16Y 52.9% Duncan Taylor -

Laphroaig 16Y – 52.9%

After this Laphroaig has aged in cask for 16 years, Duncan Taylor has bottled the whisky at full cask strength(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseArran 27 year 50.4% Sherry Butt -

Arran 27Y (Sherry Butt) – 50.4%

Only samples left!

Tormore 23Y 51.4% -

Tormore 23Y – 51.4%

This 23 year old Tormore was distilled back in 1995, and rested in a single small octave cask (which are(…)

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Possibility of sample purchasePort Charlotte 14Y 53.2% (Claxton's WH No 1) -

Port Charlotte 14Y (Bourbon Barrel) – 53.2%

A delicious Port Charlotte aged-14-years from the Bruichladdich distillery, which Claxton’s has bottled from an Ex Bourbon Barrel, at a(…)