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Whisky regions

Scotch whisky is produced throughout Scotland and is divided into 6 regions, Highlands, Speyside, Lowlands, Campbeltown, Islay and Islands.

Scottish whisky is a bit like wine because the location of the distillery, makes a big difference to how it smells, tastes, even though it is produced in the same region and basically produced by the three same products, water, malt and yeast. Scotland is not a huge country, but the differences in the location of the distillery have a phenomenal impact on how the whisky tastes.

Coastal distilleries produce whisky that does not taste like an inland whisky, and a single malt from one of the island’s distilleries will be different from a whisky sourced from Speyside. Even whisky distilleries within the same region can have completely different notes and aromas.

Scottish whisky is world renowned, so it is important to discern the difference, each region has a whisky found in most bars around the world. Below we have written briefly about the aroma profile for each region. Click on a region and you get the bottlings and cask shares we have in store.

Whisky from Highlands
Flavour profile
fruit Cake, Malt, Oak, Heather, Dried Fruit and Smoke
Whisky from Speyside
Flavour profile
apple, Vanilla, Oak, Malt, Nutmeg and Dried Fruit
Whisky from Lowlands
Flavour profile
grass, Honeysuckle, Cream, Toffee, Toast and Cinnamon


Whisky from Islands
Flavour profile
smoke, Brine, Oil, Black Pepper and Honey
Whisky from Islay
Flavour profile
seaweed, Brine, Carbolic Soap, Apple, Smoke and Kippers
Whisky from Campbeltown
Flavour profile
brine, Smoke, Dried Fruit, Vanilla and Toffee

Whisky outside Scotland
Whisky from Denmark





Whiskey from Irland

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