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Fadandel’s history

2011: Fadandel.dk was born in May. Brian Toft started with 4 different bottles, and 1 cask of whisky from Bowmore, which was sold in share.
He started in his own house, on the 1st floor. In his private house, whisky tastings were also held.
2012: 3 whisky casks were purchased, which were later sold in shares, and the rest as bottlings. In 2012, the store went from having 4 bottlings to 14 bottlings.
2013: Expansion of business premises. We moved from 1st. floor to the now modernized basement, where we got approx. 20 m2 for warehouse and shop. The tastings still took place in the private livingroom. An additional 2 casks were purchased for shares.
2014: Nominated for the Entrepreneur Award in Denmark. An additional 6 casks were purchased for shares and later resale.
2015: Fadandel.dk was converted to an ApS company structure, and at the same time we came in The Whiskey Bible 2016 with 2 bottlings. In 2015, 3 cask were purchased for shares.
2016: Fadandel.dk comes in The Whiskey Bible 2017, with 2 bottlings. During the year, 14 casks were added further.

2017: Once again, Fadandel.dk is expanded and relocated to larger premises. We have purchased 19 more casks, so now we count almost 50 casks in total, and the shore/web shop have approx. 100 different bottlings. We have bottled over 14 casks for the store, and brought home over 100 bottlings for customers.We started selling empty casks for decoration in homes, or at work. Orders are also sent to costumers in Finland, Germany and Sweden now.

Fadandel.dk has an agency on Kingsbury (Europe), Claxton’s (DK & SE) and Grindlay’s (DK & SE). That includes also an agent in Sweden as well as partners in the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany.

This was also the year that Fadandel.dk was in the danish paper “Jyllands-Posten: Whisky for millioner”. Was also in The Whisky Bible 2018 with 3 bottlings, og was named whisky importer of the year in Denmark.

2018: Fadandel continued to grow, and has launched the new improved webshop. We have barely 180 different bottlings on the shelves, including whisky, rum and gin. We purchased 23 new casks to shares and for resale. More than 30 bottlings were also brought home for our costumers.

We have among other things, got an agency in Belgian gin, called D-Gin, which we’re selling in Denmark and Sweden. We also got agency on Duncan Taylor Octave casks in Sweden. Furthermore have we made our own gin, Buckthorn which will be released in early 2019.

10 samples have been submitted to The Whisky Bible 2019 edition.

2019: 9 samples have been submitted to the Whisky Bible 2020 edition, and they all is in this year book. Our “Orkney 14 year” and “Treasure of Islay 10 year” had the highest score with 95,5 points out of 100 points, which we are very graceful and happy for.

During the year, have we bottled 16 whisky casks and 2 rum casks for the business/store. Have purchased 14 new casks, for later bottling and shares, one of which is a rum cask from Demerara a beautiful and dark rum. We’ve imported 40 casks for clubs, business og private costumers during the year.

Furthermore, have we launched our own gin Buckthorn, in 3 different editions, Naturally Flavoured, Flavoured in Sherry Cask – Batch 001, which was stored in approx. 2 months on a former PX Sherry Octave cask. Later on, we launched Flavoured in Sherry Cask – Batch 002, which was stored for 4 months in the same PX Sherry Octave cask, as batch 001.

We attended 2 different fairs, one in Sweden and the other in Kolding (Denmark). We had to expand the business again, as we now have 220 different whiskys, gins and rums on the shelves. We expanded with several different bottlings from Claxton’s and we got bottlings from “The Single Cask” home as well.

2020: Was the year we got the opportunity to sell whisky casks (Octave, Barrels, Hogshead and Butt’s) from a long line of distilleries in Scotland – please contact us for more details. We’ve purchased 45 casks for resale, and later on for bottlings and shares.

We replaced our webshop with a newer version, and with updated design. Now the shop are in Danish and English plus the opportunity to trade in several different currencies. You can now buy our gift card, where you can decide the amount and make your own personal greeting to the recipient. We now have costumers from USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Poland, Israel, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium as well.

Participated in the whisky fair in Koldning (Denmark) in March, where we launched our new exclusive bottling from Claxton’s. Glen Garioch 8 year, which got a finish on a 1st Fill PX Octave cask.

In addition, 11 samples from bottlings have been submitted to Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible, all of which have been included in this year’s edition. We are incredibly proud of the result, where 6 bottlings out of the 11 have received 90 or more out of 100 possible points. See all our reviews here.

This year Fadandel.dk came in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, with the article: “Retail is distilled down to a single store” (in Danish).

2021: We bottled 10 whisky casks in Scotland, of which 5 of them come from cooperative casks from the shop. The 5 other casks have been bottled in addition to where the bottles have come directly to the shop. 25 casks were purchased for later bottlings, cask shares and resale.

In connection with our 10 year anniversary, which we had in May, we launched a 10 YEAR AUCHROISK. This bottling comes from a 1st Fill Oloroso Sherry Hogshead, which it has aged on until bottling, which is of course at cask strength (58.7%). The anniversary itself, we had to wait to hold until 20 August, when we received almost 300 guests – WILD!
On the day, there was live music in our backyard with “Fergie McElligott his and brother”, free barbecue sausages, draft beer (our own) and much, much more. Again, a big thank you to all the guests and not least the helpers.

We submitted 11 samples to “The Whisky Bible”, where we got an average of 90 points out of a possible 100. The high jumper was our “Islay Blended 10 years at 58.3%”, which got a whopping 94 points – which we are of course very proud of. The bottling comes from a distillery whose name we are not allowed to write. So we bottled the cask in memory of Bessie Williamson “The first female distillery owner (1938 – 1972)”.

Whiskyfun.com, started rating our bottlings – you can find these on the Whiskyfun.com Facebook page.

The year also offered a new agency in Denmark for Fadandel.dk, namely Duncan Taylor The Octave Series. We will continuously take-home new bottlings from here, and also their Premium series and not least their BlackBull bottlings.

The whisky fair in Kolding, which we otherwise participate in, was unfortunately canceled (like so much else) due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So we are very much looking forward to going to the whisky fair in Kolding in 2022 (5 March 2022).

Due to Covid-19, we were also unable to hold the number of tastings in our own premises that we would have liked. We did, however, hold a number of tastings out in the Danish country, including at “Nordenhuse Whisky Guild”, “Snethbyergh Whiskylaug” and a couple of stag and hen parties.

During the year, we bottled and imported approx. 35 whisky casks for clubs and private individuals.

We got a new and exciting collaboration up and running with “Milroy’s of Soho”, which i.a. has two whisky bars in London. Where in November 2021, we launched Fadandel.dk’s whisky bottlings at a tasting in their bar “Milroy’s of Spitalfields”, with approx. 25 participants. The evening’s winner out of the five that we presented was our Bourbon aged Staoisha 7 years – 60.7%.

At the end of November 2021, we were invited to hold two Masterclasses in Norway at the “Jærens Ärverdige Forening for Uisge Beatha’s promotion”. On Friday there were 144 participants (from various Norwegian whisky clubs), where we presented 9 of our whisky bottlings. And on Saturday, when the club held their 25th anniversary, there were almost 70 participants, where we presented 3 of our whisky bottlings.

We did a little fun count and found out that we now have customers in over 30 countries

2022: Since we submitted samples in May 2021 to Jim Murray, by the end of March 2022, we have bottled 10 casks as Cask Share casks or directly to our webshop/shop. In addition, we have purchased a good 20 casks, which later come to the shop as cask shares, or sold on to clubs or other independent bottlers. Among other things. from the Glenlossie, Glen Elgin, Linkwood, Mortlach, Dalrymple and Bunnahabhain distilleries.

In February 2022, we got the agency at The Single Cask (TSC), which like ourselves, is an independent bottler.

On March 5, we attended the annual whisky fair in Kolding, where we visited the stand of Teo, who comes from TSC. Teo primarily took care of the bottlings from TSC but was also good at talking about the other bottlings we had with us that day. In total, we had brought a total of 58 diffrant bottlings from TSC, Claxton’s, Duncan Tayler and not least our own bottlings. A big thank you to everyone who visited our stand at the fair.

We have sent a large batch of our bottlings over to the Whisky bar “Milroy’s of Spitalfields” again. So, it won’t be long before we go to London again and do tastings.

In March, we moved our webshop to a new server, due to technical challenges with the supplier.

At the end of April and the beginning of May, we were on tour in Scotland. The trip was primarily planned to visit some of our suppliers, and the warehouse where our whisky and rum casks are located. There was also room for some good visits to distilleries and tasting quite a few good whiskies. We also bought 6 new casks on this trip, for later bottlings. Along for the trip was Rasmus, who is part of our tasting panel, and this trip to Scotland was his first – I’m sure Rasmus would like to come again

We also made a new beer, which we have on tap in the store for tastings and a few cozy Fridays The beer is a Scottish Ale that has aged in the empty cask from our Jubilee whiskey “Auchroisk 10 years – 1st Fill Oloroso Sherry”. The beer can also be bought in .5L bottles in the shop.

Throughout the year, we have held 10 tastings in our own premises, as well as being “out” and doing quite a few tastings, at private parties, clubs etc. A big thank you to everyone who participated in our tastings.

On 26 August, we held our summer event, where we, among other things, had live music, a sausage stand and the draft beer facility was also in progress. A really good day with lots of visitors who had a great time – a big thank you to all of you who came and enjoyed yourself in our premises and outside area.

At the beginning of September, we participated in the Whisky Live fair in Forum Copenhagen. For this fair, we had invited Claxton’s, Duncan Taylor and The Single Cask, who stood with us on our stand. Two very pleasant days, with good visits from guests, not least on Saturday. At the fair we held 6 Masterclasses, spread over the two days the fair lasted. A good fair that we will definitely be attending again in 2023. A big thank you to everyone who visited us at our stand.

We have expanded our collaboration with The Single Cask, so now we also have their Family Series in our range – and we will hold the first tasting with these bottlings in February 2023.

In total, we have purchased 45 new casks in 2022. These casks are primarily for later bottlings/cask portions, but also for resale.

In Jim Murray’s “The Whisky Bible 2023“, we were given all 11 bottlings that we had submitted for his evaluation. And two of them received a Gold Award “Glentauchers 12 Years Old (95 points)” and “Ardmore 12 Years Old cask 2643 (94.5)” – We are obviously very honored by this. You will find a list of our ratings we have received on this page.

2023: 71 casks were purchased in 2023, which have either been bottled directly, saved for later bottlings, sold on, or obtained for cask shares. The increase in the purchase of casks of whisky meant that in 2023 we split Fadandel.dk into two companies. The new company is called Casks ApS, and only deals with the purchase of casks and their resale. In 2023, we also expanded from 4 to 6 warehouses (warehouse), where we store our casks of whisky and rum in Scotland – partly to spread the risk, and most of all not to move the casks too much.

2023 was also the year in which we moved our web server to a new and better technical environment, and at the same time transferred our English-language part of the shop to fadandel.com. Our payment page has also been moved to a new provider, and several improvements have been made to the shop throughout the year as well.

In 2023, we bottled 9 casks of whisky, for the store and as cask shares. The sale of fat parts has exploded from approx. 200 shares in 2022, to almost 650 shares in 2023 😃 And we put cask shares on sale in 6 new cask share casks. Remember, if your club buys more than 6 shares in the same cask, we can offer a club label on these, but they must still be affixed in Scotland.

In March we usually attended the whisky fair in Kolding, which was held on 4 March 2023. The fair was again well attended, and even with 6 passionate helpers behind the counter, it was busy most of the day. We had fun, and hope all of you who visited us had fun too. We are already looking forward to this year’s whisky fair, which will be held in Kolding on 2 March 2024.

Through 2023, we imported over 20 casks for clubs, private individuals, etc. and sold 66 casks of whisky on to independent bottlers, private individuals, and clubs.

Over the year, we held 6 tastings in our own premises, and not least held 15 tastings outside at whisky clubs, whisky guilds, and private individuals.

We were late with our samples to Jim Murray, so we didn’t get any bottlings included in his whisky bible 2024 – so a little has been collected for the upcoming edition. We regularly send samples to Whiskyfun.com, so you will be able to see their ratings there, on our bottlings too 💪

2023 was also the year when we welcomed Kim Laulund to the tasting panel, which now consists of 7 people, including Brian Toft (owner of Fadandel.dk) – read more about the tasting panel in Fadandel on this page.