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Tasting panel at Fadandel.dk​

The purpose of the tasting panel, is to taste whisky cask in the cask share program. And to see if it’s ready for bottling within a short/longer time horizon.

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Cask samples that the tasting panel tasted on February 12, 2021.


Currently, there are 5 members, in addition to Fadandel’s owner Brian Toft, who sits on the panel. Each member of the panel has one vote for the tastings, by voting.
To be able to participate in the taste panel, the member must have min. one share in one of Fadandel’s cask share program. But not necessarily a share in all the casks.


The participants meet 1-2 times a year. Here we taste cask samples from Fadandel.dk’s casks. The casks to be tasted may be imminent or for later bottling. Likewise, there may be newly purchased casks on which storage time must be assessed. There will typically be a tasting of 4-6 casks per meeting. Some casks have cask samples from earlier, which are tasted against. This is done to “see” if the difference/progress between the cask samples, and be able to better assess the individual cask.


  • Scent
  • Taste
  • Aftertaste/finish
  • Time horizon for bottling

Once the participants have filled in the taste sheet for the individual cask sample, the results are discussed among the participants. The results are finally gathered together, for later use at Fadandel.dk.


Members of the taste panel will be assigned a discount code to the webshop, where they will receive a discount on the purchase of cask shares for themselves.
The discount code may not be passed on to others, or used to purchase gifts for others.