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Help on import/bottling cask

If you or a club have bought a cask of whisky and would like help to take it home to Denmark, then Fadandel.dk will gladly help with this.

Since 2012, Fadandel.dk has imported bottled whisky and rum bottles/casks for clubs and private individuals. We are connected to many of the distilleries in Scotland and several different bottling locations in Scotland, as well as to the actual transport to Denmark of the bottled bottles, and empty casks.

In short, Fadandel.dk provides the following:

  • Possibly of moving the cask from where the cask is stored to the place where bottling is to take place in Scotland
  • Bottling of the cask through our subcontractor
  • Attaching labels
  • Make sure all taxes – including liquor tax are payed
  • Transport of the bottled bottles/empty cask to Denmark

All you have to do is pick up the bottles/empty cask from our location, or we can send them to you for a fee when the bottles have arrived in Denmark.

If you would like more information about this, please send an email to info@fadandel.dk. Please write the following information:

  • Where is the cask today?
  • Should the cask be bottled at cask strength?
  • Do you have a design for the label to be attached to the bottles?
  • Do you like Fadandel.dk print and attach labels?
  • When do you wish the cask to be bottled and brought home?

Once Fadandel.dk has received the above information, we will send you a price estimate of what it will cost to get your cask bottled and shipped to Denmark.

If you have information about

  • When was the cask filled and at what alcohol percentage was it at that time
  • How many liters were filled in the cask

Then we can calculate how many bottles there are approx. comes out of the cask at bottling.

You shout expect that it will take approximately 1-2 months from the final order of the import, until the bottles are ready for collection at our warehouse.
Time depends, among other things. of where the cask is located in Scotland in relation to the bottler and possibly waiting at the bottling hall in Scotland.