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Dalriada NAS Blend – 40 %

Super delicious and soft NAS bottling made of approx. 37% singlemalt and 63% Grain. Well over half of the malt(…)

Royal Brackla 13Y 56.1% - 20cl

Royal Brackla 13Y – 56.1% (20cl)

This Royal Brackla bottling, comes from our Cask Share program (Cask Share # 040), where we have sold shares in(…)

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Possibility of sample purchaseBlackBull Kyloe 50% - Fadandel.dk

BlackBull Kyloe – 50%

Named after a breed of Highland cattle known for their resistance to the hectic weather of Scotland, the Black Bull(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseBlackBull Peated Edition 50% - Fadandel.dk

BlackBull Peated 50%

Duncan Taylor’s wonderful Black Bull blended Scotch whisky range welcomes a new member, a robust and full-bodied peated edition. Expect(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseBlackBull 12Y Delux Blend 50% - Fadandel.dk

BlackBull 12Y Deluxe Blend – 50%

A classic, first produced during the 1930s. Duncan Taylor took the helm in 2001 and continues to blend Black Bull(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseHighland Park 4Y @ 50% - From Claxton's - Fadandel.dk

Highland Park 4Y – 50%

Claxton’s has bottled this Highland Park, after 4 years on the cask and at 50%. The bottling here is one(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseH. Becker Irish Whiskey Foundation Blend 40% - Fadandel.dk

H. Becker Foundation Blend – 40%

H. Becker Foundation Blend is a shared „Blend in Spirit“ of love, friendship and thankfulness or in Irish „Grá, Cardieas,(…)

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Craigellachie 8Y – 57.3%

Only samples left!

Possibility of sample purchaseCroftengea 4Y 50% - Fadandel.dk

Croftengea 4Y – 50%

In Claxton’s 3rd edition of their “Exploration Series“, they have bottled this 4 year old Croftengea, which has been watered(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseBlended Scotch Whisky 7Y 47.5% - Fadandel.dk

Blended Scotch Whisky 7Y – 47.5%

This super soft and round 7-year-old Blend, which is decanted at cask strength of 47.5%, is a good starter for,(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseH. Becker Irish Whiskey Trinity Blend 40% - Fadandel.dk

H. Becker Trinity Blend – 40%

H. Becker Trinity Blend is a shared „Blend in Spirit“ of Love, Friendship and Thankfulness or in Irish „Grá, Cardieas,(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseInchfad (Peated loch Lomond) 5 year 50% Claxton's EXP7 serie bottle - Fadandel.dk

Inchfad (Peated Loch Lomond) 5Y – 50%

Claxton’s have now released their 7th release, in their Exploration Series (EXP), featuring this 5 year old Peated Loch Lomond(…)