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Shipment rates

Shipping costs depend on the weight of the total order and which country the order is to be sent to.
When you come to the shopping cart, and have provided your contact information, as well as which country the order is to be sent to, the shop automatically calculates your shipping costs.

  • If you want your order sent to a specific parcel shop, you can select it when you get to the checkout page
  • If you want a different delivery address, you simply put a “tick” in the field “Ship to a different address?” and enter the desired delivery address
  • We buy all our freight on the platform Shipmondo, and it is from here that you receive your track & trace e-mail. If don’t get it, please check your spam filter/folder or contact us by mail ( together with your order number. Then we will help you with a link.


When you buy one or more shares in one of our casks, you pay for your share in the cask. When the bottles have arrived at our warehouse, you will get an invoice for the import to Denmark. If you would like to have the bottles sent to your address, you will be charged for the shipping costs, along with the import to Denmark.


If you wish to pick up your order in our physical store, this can be done during the store’s opening hours or by appointment.

You can also order your product by emailing us at with whatever you want. Then we will send the order to you after you have payed for the invoice we send you, or pick up your order during the shop opening hours.