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Fernandes 10Y – 57%

Only samples left!

Skaervadhus Solbærrom 22% -

Blackcurrant rum – 22%

Blackcurrant from “Skærvadhus Vingård og Bryghus” is made from 100% natural raw materials alone. The method is simple; the finished(…)

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Possibility of sample purchase

Travellers Liquors Distillery 11Y – 66.1%

This rum with a super nice dark color is distilled at Travelers Liquors Distillery in Belize (Central America). It is(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseJamican Rum 2010 - cask share 2x70cl -

Jamaican Rum 2010 – #084

When you buy a cask share in this rum cask from Jamaica, you get 2 bottles of 70cl when the cask is 14 years old – we expect to bottle the cask in January 2025.

Possibility of sample purchase

Demerara 12Y – 64.1%

We have bottled our Demerara rum cask, at a cask strength of 64.1%, after storing it on the oak cask(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseFiji 2009 12Y 50,3% -

South Pacific Distillery Rom 12Y – 50.3%

DUNCAN TAYLOR has bottled this rum from the South Pacific Distillery in Fiji, after storing it for 12 years. The(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseGuyana 2010 11Y 50,9% -

Diamond Rom 11Y – 50.9%

Duncan Taylor has bottled here, an 11 year old single cask rum on cask strength, from Guyana Diamond. Situated on(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseTamosi Sawaku 2009 52.5% -

Sawaku – Bielle Premium 2009 – 52.5%

Distilled and aged at the Bielle distillery on Marie-Galante, this rhum agricole is the result of a dual distillation, once(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseBarbados 2005 16Y 50,2% -

Foursquare Rom 16Y – 50.2%

After storage for 16 years, DUNCAN TAYLOR has bottled this rum from Foursquare Distillery in Barbados, at a cask strength(…)


Smukrom 2016 – 40%

This super delicious and very dark rum bottling, is mixed with casks from Jamaica, Guatemala and Barbados as well as(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseHíali 2013 57.5% -

Híali – Pere Labat 2013 – 57.5%

This rhum agricole was distilled at the Poisson distillery on Marie-Galante, where it spent almost 7 years ageing at the distillery before being(…)