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Islay Blended Malt 10Y (vol. 2) – 58.5%

We have bottled our Amontillado sherry aged “Islay Blended Malt Scotch Whisky” (Lap…..g) cask (Cask Share cask #066), which was filled on 20 August 2012 on a “refill Hogshead“. After we tasted a cask sample in April 2019, we chose to have the whisky Re-raged onto 1st Fill Amontillado Sherry Hogshead, on which it has finished aging for the past 36 months.

We are not allowed to write the name of the distillery on the label but can say that the distillery is located in Islay, between the old Port Ellen and Lagavulin on the A846. The bottling is in memory of Bessie WilliamsonThe first female distillery owner (1938 – 1972)“. “Islay Blended Malt Scotch Whisky”, is the synonym for a whisky from Islay that is T-Spooned.

Immediately after this “Islay Scotch Whisky” is poured into the glass, the well-known smell of La……g enters the room

A super delicious Islay whisky, which belongs to the whiskey group J and which has been given a “light” sherry finish.
88 out of 100 point
I believe they blended it with thin Islay air...Brilliant wee ultra-nutty dry Laphroaig

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1st Fill Amontillado Sherry Hogshead


The smell of salt and iodine does not deny itself. Which is followed by a spicy scent, in a wonderful symphony of sherry, chocolate, malt and not least smoke


The first thing you encounter is the well-known medicinal smoke, salt and sherry. Which is later mixed with chocolate, allspice, coffee, toast, honey and tangerine


A good medium-long aftertaste of sherry, smoke, salt and not least honey and tangerines

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70cl bottle
81 in stock
Sample 3cl
Amontillado is a type of dry sherry produced through a multi-stage aging process that transforms the fortified wine into an amber color and imbues it with a nutty flavor. The name Amontillado means "like Montilla", after the Spanish wine region of Montilla-Moriles near Andalusia.
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