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Scotch whisky, from the region Island in Scotland, which you will find here at Fadandel.dk.

Islands whisky

Scotch whisky, from the region Island in Scotland, which you will find here at Fadandel.dk.
Possibility of sample purchaseArran 2015 2x70cl 2nd Fill PX Sherry Octave fadandel - Fadandel.dk

Arran (Peat & Sherry) 2015 – Cask Share #093

Buying a cask share of this 20 PPM Arran Peat (Lochranza) aged in a 2nd Fill PX Sherry Octave (cask share #093) will give you two (2) bottles of whisky when bottled.

Possibility of sample purchasePeated Arran Distillery 10Y 56.3% October 2022 Fadandel.dk

Arran (Peated) 10Y – 56.3%

Claxton has bottled this 10-year-old Arran (Peated/smoked), at full cask strength of 56.3% – Arran (Lochranza), one of our own(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseArran 27 year 50.4% Sherry Butt - Fadandel.dk

Arran 27Y (Sherry Butt) – 50.4%

Claxton’s have bottled in their Warehouse no 1 series, a 27-year-old Arran (Lochranza) aged in a Sherry Butt, at a(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseArran Peated 2015 #3769 Peated 1st Fill Ex Bourbon Barrel 8 år - Fadandel.dk

Arran Peated 8Y (1st Fill Ex Bourbon) – 59.7%

Our cask of Arran Peated (20 PPM) is bottled at 59.7% after it has aged in a 1st Fill Ex(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseHighland Park 2005 16Y 55,3% - Fadandel.dk

Highland Park 16Y – 55.3%

Only samles left!

Highland Park 2003 18Y 53,6% - Fadandel.dk

Highland Park 18Y – 53.6%

This Highland Park bottling comes from DUNCAN TAYLOR’s Premium Octave series, and is bottled at a cask strength of 54.1%.(…)

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Highland Park 18Y 53.8% - Fadandel.dk

Highland Park 18Y – 53.8%

Super nice Highland Park bottling from Duncan Taylor, which is bottled at a cask strength of 53.8% after 18 years(…)

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Possibility of sample purchaseHighland Park 4Y @ 50% - From Claxton's - Fadandel.dk

Highland Park 4Y – 50%

Claxton’s has bottled this Highland Park, after 4 years on the cask and at 50%. The bottling here is one(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseClaxton's Highland Park 5Y cask strength 57.8% - Fadandel.dk

Highland Park 5Y – 57.8%

Claxton’s has bottled a 5 year old Highland Park cask, in their well-known “pocket lark” bottle – the bottling is(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseLedaig (Tobermory) 14Y 57,2% Box - Fadandel.dk

Ledaig 14Y – 57.2%

After 14 years on the cask, Claxton’s has bottled this Ledaig (smoked whisky from Tobermory), in their Warehouse No. 1(…)

Possibility of sample purchaseOrkney 14Y 60,8% - Fadandel.dk

Orkney 14Y – 60.8%

After waiting for well over 4 years, we have now bottled our Orkney 14 years, at a cask strength of 60.8%.

Possibility of sample purchaseOrkney 8Y 50% - Fadandel.dk

Orkney 8Y – 50%

In the “Exploration Series” from Claxton’s, here’s an Orkney bottling (not the southernmost distillery), which has been on the cask(…)