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Invergordon 17Y – 61.4%

After 17 years in a Refill Ex Bourbon Barrel, we (Fadandel) have bottled this Single Grain whisky from the Invergordon distillery, at a cask strength of a whopping 61.4%.

We have previously sold shares in this cask. First bottling from the cask was in 2022 (sold out) as a 15-year-old Invergordon (30 bottles), and now here as a 17-year-old Invergordon Single Grain, where 136 bottles came out of the cask (70 cl), together with 24 pcs. of 20 cl.
The mouthfeel is pleasant and slightly salty, with a warm and tingling finish.

Our 15-year edition of this Invergordon, Jim Murray has written, among other things. this in the Whiskey Bible 2023: “a whisky that makes the most of its energy and freshness. Charming” and gave it a whopping 91.5 points out of a possible 100 🤩 We look forward to reading what he thought of this 17-year edition.

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Distilled on





Peated/non peated


Cask #


Cask type

Refill ex. Bourbon Barrel


First comes the sweetness of tangerines along with oak. Followed by some grass, chocolate, vanilla, citrus, cereal and some butter


The taste of soft tangerines with a little lemon, together with dark chocolate, vanilla, herbs and dried figs


A medium aftertaste of tangerines, chocolate, vanilla, herbs and butter, and the sweetness from the vanilla comes back after a while

Bottled by

Bottle size


Total bottled


70cl bottle
85 in stock
Sample 3cl
20 in stock

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